Starting March 2013, every student at the The Young Women’s Leadership School (TYWLS) of the Bronx will be using our new online tool, Fit, Fab & Fierce Food Dairy to help them to adopt healthy behaviors. During school hours students will record their water consumption, intake of fruits and vegetables, physical activity levels and moods as well as have access to Energy Up! “I am Happy, I am Healthy’ affirmations for continued encouragement. Energy Up! is thrilled to partner with the TYWLS of the Bronx Co-Leaders Lee Laureano  and Devon Eisenberg, and the teaching staff on this groundbreaking health and wellness programming.


We live in FRUSTRATING TIMES..The media uses fear to get our attention on so many things that we really personally can not COMPLETELY control...and things that we really could control are distorted with conflicting information especially when it could hurt sales of sugary drinks and snacks

Now guns are DANGEROUS!!!!!...we can choose to have them or not have them but so many people all ready is safe to assume we will not get many of theirs and when CRAZY people want to do HORRIBLE things they figure how to do it..We are limited in keeping ourselves and our children out of harm's way

When it comes to feeding our children and teaching them .healthy from harmful..that we can control

The science is out there on over consumption of sugar...This is not just me talking or Mayor Bloomberg but many scientists and doctors that have done the studies. This affects more children than guns.. drunk driving and many other SCARY THINGS that are out of our personal control and when others want they can hurt us..No one has a gun to our heads to keep feeding our children Sugar laden drinks and snacks..Yes moderation is the key to success (if sugar does not act as a drug to you) but only if one knows what that means.

That is why we have after 11 years in the school system successfully running health and wellness programs made it our main goal to educate parents teachers and children on the reality of what is moderate sugar consumption. Our Sugar Savvy Solution is the education behind moderation

This seemingly one little issue can have a HUGE effect on our children's health as well as our own.

We all LOVE our children. Please have an open mind if you do not agree with us but imagine if ALL THIS IS TRUE LIKE TOBACCO. There is no down side to being Sugar Savvy or drinking responsibly..or quitting smoking...All these things can do is make you Happier and Healthier...SOUNDS GOOD TO ME AND WORTH A TRY!!!!!

Energy Up Whooo V


Sat night was quite an evening!!!!!..Our Fit Fab n Fierce board member Gayle Sobel and her AMAZING husband Howard hosted a wonderful event at their home in the Hampton's for breast cancer.  Driving out there was the worst weather I had ever driven in, by the time i got there the beautiful tent put up for the event was pretty much flooded.  Seeing over 300 people dressed to the HILT with most of the women in their very expensive shoes totally covered in mud was a sight to be seen.  HAPPILY everyone stayed focused on how much money had been raised and just had a good laugh about the evening.  It was all quite the scene with most of the Real Housewives of NYC there as well as one of my favorite hosts Rosanna Scotto and EUVA board member and soon to have her own new show on the air Katie Couric.  Wearing white was probably not a good idea (see my outfit above) but it was only mud and it washed off....It was truly a MAGICAL NIGHT and supporting my friends and board members is worth going out in NASTY WEATHER....Energy Up Whooo V